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In the summer, the sun glasses and the increasing number of driving phenomenon.Foshan hospital of doctor of vice director of Zhu Hai, said sun glasses can reduce the effects of sunlight on the line of sight in a certain extent, but due to the current sunglasses quality good and bad are intermingled, plus there is a risk of driving behavior, sunglasses should be careful to choose and buy, shou fake ray bans ld be to regular stores to buy.If literally on the street to buy a pair of glasses is wearing driving, driving may give buried safe hidden trouble.Using the mask more reasonable expert introduction, if you use a seat at the top of the screen can solve the problem of sunlight anti, generally do not recommend the use of the ray ban wayfarer folding sun glasses.High quality sunglasses can effectively reduce the impact on the human eye light, but there will be more or less effect to eyesight.As a high-risk behavior, driving to the environment of misjudgment easily lead to accidents.If really want to use the sun glasses when driving, preferably in daily walk, get into the habit of wearing sunglasses to walk or work condition.What need reminds is, if you are not wearing sunglasses at ordinary times, don’t put in the car alone.Sun glasses is unfavorable choose cheap ray ban wayfarer blue lens Zhu Hai reminds, consumers don’t buy the “blue light” sun glasses, the glasses can’t filter ultraviolet light.On the choice of sunglasses, try to choose dark brown or gray.Choose the sun glasses, driving safety should be first.Look wearing comfort i ray ban shop uk s one of the most important indicators.Worth to remind is, wearing dark sunglasses, to create a very dark environment eye, easy to cause the pupil dilation, long-term wear can cause certain damage to the eyes.Optometrists to remind, wear sunglasses when driving, unfavorable choose pink, purple, shallow blue wait for adornment beautiful sunglasses and obviously these color glasses basic no eye protection, in addition, also may change color and produce off color.In general, the drive should wear dark brown and gray glasses.Dark brown lens can filter out a lot of blue light, can effectively improve the visual contrast and clarity;.
And grey lenses can absorb any equilibrium chromatographic, wear after the won’t produce clear off color
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The hot sun hot summer, the sun not only under a lot of damage to the skin, especially for your eyes, so summer go out weari cheap ray ban wayfarer ng a pair of suitable sunglasses is a must, some people focus too much on style, while ignoring the lens is good or bad, it will cause serious harm to your eyes, or even may cause permanent blindness.
Experts believe that the sun glasses also has exquisite, make the finishing point of the impact on the overall clothing at the same time, eye protection is a important functionwqkey7 of sun glasses, too.
A lot of lover’s your first consideration when buying sunglasses styles, can even to design, ignore the quality of your glasses.Some people in the street vendors that purchased the seemingly accord with trend, actual coarsely sun glasses, buy back days wearing the day after tomorrow.Soon after, you will find yourself vision loss, often feel blurred vision, occasionally also have symptoms of dizziness.
Eye doctor thinks that related to poor quality of long-term wear glasses.Sunglasses just as its name implies is used for shading, people usually take in the sun by adjusting the pupil size to adjwqkey8ust the luminous flux, when more than the human eye light intensity adjustment ability, will cause harm to the human eye.
Some inferior sunglasses even flat lens, produced will also with a degree, the degree is small, generally difficult to detect, but damage to the eyes is very big, Dai Jiu more can lead to decreased vision.
Remind: when buying sunglasses from the body should be moved up and down, beating, if it is found that the distance level object that sunglasses quality is not good, not suitable for purchase to wear