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prescription sunglasses Functionality is as good as it looks.
Everyone knows a uv protection function of outdoor sports glasses is very important, according to the provisions of the state, outdoor glasses uv index needed to reach 360, so we will first of all it fro China outdoor sports glasses uv protection function test.I will be by uv tester, 5 pieces of the glasses lens test respectively, the first piece of lens uv index reached $400, the second piece pink ray ban sunglasses is also 400, the third piece ofMany friends, driving is probably encountered a similar situation, encountered heavy rain, even if the wiper hard brush, brush to the most rapid, still can’t see in front of the line of sight and the vehicles…The fifth block, 400, all higher than the national standard, can say very good uv protection function!More than these, this fro China outdoor sports glasses, its lens is adopted by the PC material, commonly known as bullet-proof glass, strength is very high.However, this kind of prescription sunglasses glasses fro China exactly have so powerful? Let me prove by experiment.In the lab, I will use three different props for violent test, the first is the small size broken Windows, hard on the lens of pressure, after a broken window machine press concave lens is just some small point, no bumps in the external surface, is very good.I want to change the size of broken Windows, hitting lens prescription sunglasses es, lenses after hitting the same left the pits, concave something more than just now, on the other side of the lens has a slightly raised, but still has not been breakdown!And I was not discouraged, I will use a outdoor survival knife to do the last, the first is the handle, also has the function of broken Windows device under my hard hit, the result is the same as before, but the real violence now just want to play, I will try to through it with the tip!Once, twice, three times!Finally through the!But as pink ray ban sunglasses you can imagine, how powerful blade!
Even if in front of such a powerful impact, is only pierced the a small hole, really makes me very surprised!In the indoor test before, we have already seen this fro a powerful China outdoor sports glasses, in the end I will be one of the most violent in the outdoor experiments, we all know that the PC lens commonly known as bullet-proof glass, can literally the lens of the material ray ban sunglasses sale strength is very high, of course, I can not use gun to test, but I can use my this composite bow at close range to shoot, the lens and see if it’s really as strong as legend!Will be completed lens fixed, bow arrow, struggling to blow!Bow and arrow in the middle of the target.Glasses by direct shot to fly out, I found the wreck of glasses, not far in the lens by the impact of the bow and arrow from the center of the strike off, but y ray ban rb4147 ou can clearly see the position of the lens was hit by a bow and arrow just has a big pits, breakdown, has not been strength is really very high!
And when I was just outdoor wear, through a lot of trees, by many branches across the eyes, but with the glasses lens radian is very large, not only can protect the eyes, also can protect the area around the eyes, protect a wider rawqkey7nge
After our overall assessment, indoor test and outdoor test of practical use, can say it fro China’s outdoor sports glasses in appearance, practicability, uv protection, strength, flexibility is good, can be said to be a very good outdoor sports glasses
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This is too practical, high speed before meet a heavy rain, just found this problem, thanks to high speed have a median mask, otherwise can’t drive a car..
One day, accidentally learned from a friend who the police that, in this case, might as well put on sunglasses, any style are available, then the magic things will happen ~ ~ ~.