ray ban aviators

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What material the sun glasses good sunglasses material for now, the main material is glass, resin material, PC material, TAC material, nylon material, different material, performance features are there exist certain differences, below is what is a good material together to learn about the sun glasses.
Glass ginger has excellent optical performance, is also the best optical material.But because ordinary glass lenses are easily broken, impact resistance is weak, the security is not high also, so now ray ban mirror the sunglasses is rarely used in glass lenses.
Is actually a kind of phenolic resin chemical structure, has the characteristics of high temperature resistance.The most distinguishing feature of resin lens is lighter weight, and strong impact resistance, high safety, resistance to ultraviolet radiation effect is good, and the performance is easily coloring.Resin len ray ban aviators s is a lens, is now widely used with good optical performance, made of resin lens polarizer, have very good optical effect.Resin lens disadvantage is that the wear resistance is poor, easy to wear and scratches.
PC lens impact resistance and not easy broken than resin lens, special light in weigh ray ban cats 5000 t, coloring line is also very good, the disadvantage is that poor abrasion resistance, light department can not stable.Suitable for making sports sunglasses lenses.Of ray ban cats 5000 course the price also is naturally your point.PC is one of the plastic, professional athletes are not familiar with the high-end PC lens sunglasses also use than ordinary.
What sunglass lenses good sun glasses lens material for now good sunglasses, mainly glass, resin material, PC material, TAC material, nylon material, the follo ray ban repair wing will come together to learn about what material the sun glasses good.
Sun glasses what each lens material has its advantages and disadvantages, choose your lenses need to choose according to the circumstances of the individual, generally choose sunglasses will more resin material.Buy sunglasses also don’t literally ray ban aviators to choose, some material quality difference is very big, need friends can go to a regular store to buy like LOHO glasses life.
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