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Outdoors should try to wear sunglasses in summer, pale green, gray, etc is good for the eyes color, tag, while also hide a lot of useful information.
Wear color too deep glasses can make eyes in a dark room environment, light green, easy to cause the sunlight keratitis, pupil long-term expansion easy to cause the diseases such as glaucoma, causing a traffic accident, such as whether you choose and buy glasses sunglasses or light color mirrors.For sunglasses.
For uv protection, corneal endothelial injury, it is important to note that the product of the lens;.;
Color dark glasses lower the eye’s ability to distinguish the color, the color and the UV index;.Id & quot, ray ban glasses uk it is better to buy light grey, can take the sunglasses off dark brown, because these relatively subdued color…
This is because the sunglasses one of the main function is to keep out light, avoid harmful light passes into the eye too much, ray ban balorama such as uv damage.If in the summer, sunglasses, first: can be reduced.
7.They are not good, it will anyway, couldn’t remember don’t wear.Here can sure to tell you that you must wear sunglasses, especially the sunshine strongly, it’s not just in order to beautiful, decoration, wearing sunglasses have a lot of benefits, look at the film is how to say, why not wear.
This is because the sunglasses one of the main function is to keep out light, avoid harmful light passes ray ban frames into the eye too much, such as uv damage.
If in summer, sunglasses, first: can reduce ciliary muscle of the eye under the strong light of adjust the burden, let the human eye to natural light to see objects in the habit, the most comfortable and the human eyes, the second: wear sunglasses not just in order to keep out harmful light, at the same time, ray ban balorama in windy weather, it also can prevent dust particles particles into people’s eyes, which to a certain extent, has become the eyes of best haven?
According to the relevant experts to determine, since 96, sunspot activity is more and more frequent, lead to ultraviolet (uv) is becomi ray ban frames ng more and more big to the harm of human body, especially in qinghai and Tibet plateau areas in China because of the sunshine time is long, so here are most vulnerable to uv damage, therefore, especially to the people living in these areas should wear sunglasses.
Sunglasses the earliest time is only one big box, big glasses of that kind of, because it looks like a toad two eyes in particular, so at that time, people also call frog mirror, round, and there is only on ray ban website e color, black, now is not the same as we have several here, what the wide, narrow side of the edge of the square, park, long, wide, color is also many, red, green, yellow, amber, let person eye hair flower, now has more than 20, choice, rather than the idea, but not what color for eye is good also, you like sunglasses take is not necessarily swqkey7uitable for you, say, the problems in the sunglasses color first.Sun lenses on the market at present the production of material and myopic lens, glass and resin piece also twowqkey8 groups, but the process is different, the glass lens sunglasses mainly in glass material with some special absorption properties of metal salts, such as nickel and cobalt glass lenses for purple, cobalt and copper in blue glass lenses, and resin lens sunglasses mainly USES is soaked staining method, is the lens soaked in the hot water of dissolved in organic pigment dye, but no matter which kind of color means the color of the sunglasses must be good for our eyes, so in the face of so many colors of sunglasses on the market, we should choose which one.
Experts: from the perspective of people physiology, grey, green, dark brown to the human eye is good, too deep too light is bad