ray ban prescription glasses

ray ban prescription glasses mirror.On the one hand, let the eyes from the reflected light, on the one hand, also can let oneself add a little star in full-on, crazy pulled a cool atmosphere.But a pair of glasses sunglasses should not be too cheap price, good quality so don’t buy a lot of colourful because covet is cheap sunglasses, such as sunglasses are often very uncomfortable when worn, not influence the judgment of the situation such as traffic signal, color distortion is lens is easy to wear and transmission of light on the line of sight.And ray ban prescription glasses inferior lenses under strong light is not only not protection, it will cause greater burden to the eyes.Therefore, choose a pair of quality is reliable, the price is not very expensive good glasses is necessary.
In general, the material of the lenses on the market now is mainly glass lenses, PC lens and resin lenses.Glass lenses are the best optical material, but ordinary fragile enough security.Special price is too expensive, so use less.The PC lenses on the contrary, more resistant to impact, not easy to break.So far, most of the sports sunglasses will use.And the most widely used, is the resin lens ray ban sale uk es.Resin lens is a kind of phenolic chemical structure, characteristic is very light, high temperature resistant, shock, and can effectively block the ultraviolet ray.
Mirror slice resistance: th ray ban junior e lens is in the surface coated with a thin layer of magnesium oxide, in order to prevent the strong light reflection, let you see things more clearly and without strong light interference.Detection method, aim the eyes light source, if can see purple or green reflective, said lenses do have coated antireflection protective film.
Polarized lenses, polarized lens is in between the two ordinary lens polarized film or special coatings made from vertical.Can filter the sun shines on the water, the direction of the equality on the asphalt pavement and snow dazzling light, the most suitable for outdoor sports.Detection methods, with the special tes ray ban prescription glasses t pieces, or using a mobile phone LCD screen, at the time of rotary screen, if the screen will become a black screen, with rotating is polarized lens.
Color changing function: join silver halide chemicals on the lens, let originally transparent colorless lens, me ray ban junior ets the glare will turn into a colored lenses.
A, dark brown, dark brown lens can absorb light in purple, cyan, including nearly 100% of the ultraviolet and infrared light.Downy tonal, let your eyes are less likely to fatigue.It is very good protective glasses.Grey: can fully absorb the infrared, and most of the ultraviolet ray, and the original color won’t change things.Mild natural color is pretty popular lens selection.3, green, and grey lenses can absorb all solitary infrared and 99% of the ultraviolet light, the light of the green, red also can be blocked, but sometimes the color of the scene after the green lenses will be changed.But because green bring people cool and ref buy ray bans online reshing and comfortable feeling, protection is also good for your eyes, and is the perfect choice of sunglasseswqkey7 lens.Four, red: the red series and the effect of the lens cut off ultraviolet and infrared light of above three kinds of comparison, just slightly smaller, for some short wavelength light barrier property is better.Soft pink colour, and for some of the wearer, psychological benefits greater than the effect of in essence.5, yellow, yellow lenses can absorb ultraviolet (uv) and 100% most of the blue light, absorb blue light, see the scenery will become more clear, so we can find that hunting and shooting, wear the yellow lenses when the filter is very common!
Can clearly distinguish colors, wear may be hurt when eyes meet eyes glare and uv without shelter, the choose and buy sunglasses must to normal store when buy, the more should choose dark sunglasswqkey8es on the one hand, because these color lenses of strong ultraviolet absorption and filtering is better, if the sunglasses not prevent bask in, especially the dark green, in the dazzling sunlight can see small part of the object, in general, the prevention and cure of blindness guild experts advise what kind of sunglasses what kind of glasses can prevent bask in the sun best without glasses, want to look for the package with 100% uv protection UV400 uv logo And mentioned that the color of the lens, and the more intense sunshine outdoor